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Karen Rifas: Recent Works



October 26, 2012

Arevalo Gallery at the Houston Fine Art Fair September 19-22 Booth 301 Featuring: Carlos Cruz Diez     Wifredo Lam Edgar Negret          Macaparana Cesar Paternosto    Lolo Soldevilla Sandu Darie         Karen Rifas


Karen Rifas Recent Works

Karen Rifas

The works of Karen Rifas dwell in a very unique poetic language in which form manifest itself through installations of ephemeral matter and the universal language of geometry.

In her most recent works, form leaves her well-known tri-dimensional expression and continues to explore space through a series of drawings that challenge the implicit confines of paper and invites us to journey deeper in to her work.

Arevalo Gallery is proud to present the most recent works on paper by Karen Rifas.